Thursday, April 20, 2006

World War I and Punjabi Folklore

Amarjit Chandan's article on World War I and Punjabis is a very interesting piece and eloquently sums up the sufferings Punjabi people went through during that time period. It is etched in the Punjabi folklore:

Two world wars and partition of the Punjab have been the most traumatic for the
Punjabis. While folklorists have recorded a few folk songs on the world wars,
there is hardly any folksong on Partition, maybe because of the collective sense
of guilt. Historical records of tragic events can never reflect the suffering,
pain and grief of people as a folksong can do. Though the inadequacy of language
remains even in a song. A folksong, unlike a propaganda piece, is least
manipulated; it remains vulnerable even after the lapse of time since it was
conceived and sung to oneself or in a group of people. Now the folksongs on the
wars lie printed on paper. Nobody sings them. Nobody ever talks about them.

You can read rest of the article here.

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