Sunday, May 21, 2006

Bhagat Singh, Lahore and Folklore

Here is an interesting tid-bit about Bhagat Singh, Lahore and folklore. I think the writer has got some of the details on Bhagat Singh wrong but other than that the piece is very interesting. Nawab Ahmad Khan Kasuri, the magistrate who sentenced Bhagat Singh was from Kasur. His son, another judge in Lahore had an assassination attempt on his life during Bhutto's time. Zia charged Bhuttoo for this murder conspiracy later and hanged Bhuttoo. These days the Pakistani foreign minister Kasuri is the grandson of the magistrate Kasuri who sentenced Bhagat Singh.

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The legend goes that the Khans of Kasur, who were in league with the British to topple the Lahore Darbar, sent an envoy to negotiate with a Sikh chief to conspire the murder of Maharajah Ranjit Singh. During the discussions things went wrong and the head of the envoy was chopped off and sent to Kasur. The treachery of the Pathan rulers of Kasur had met its match. It is said that a seer had then predicted that the ghost of the envoy would seek revenge at this very place, and that the circle of revenge would not be completed with one killing alone. Chilling stuff. But then subsequent events were to prove that this prediction was true, and many say the circle of treachery still lives on.

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