Monday, May 22, 2006

buRhaapa worries of my generation

I remember in old days middle aged folks used to look forward to buRhaapa when they will samaiT all their responsibilities, and wehlay ho key enjoy the retirement and buRhaapa. BuRhaapa was time you looked forward to...buRhaapa was a time when you had all bodily hair white and it was a plus as everyone respected you even when you were being totally stupid and stubborn....when your sons and daughter-in-laws respected you, took your advice on everything, while two dozen grand children tried to make you happy and take care of you.

It is not so any more. There are stories about buRhaapa...from burhaapa gone wild(70 yr old NRIs marrying 20 something chicks from back home), to buRhaapa dying in the nursing homes while 2 dozen grand children enjoying their life to the fullest only miles away from the nursing home...and never visiting the grandpa or grandma.

Just few days ago while to a dinner at a friends house, buRhaapa question popped up again. It is very not the buRhaapa but the fact that the people not having yet touched 40, having good health, making good living already worrying about their buRhaapa. What is interesting is the exculsion of any aas umeed/hope of any support in buRhaapa from their children and their children by this pre-pre-buRhaapa generation(which includes me). Ironically, this pre-pre-buRhaapa generation is the most extruciatingly dedicated people sending these children to the best schools and preparing them for global competitive future they are going to be facing...and doing so they are spending most of their savings on this next generation but no aas-umeed of support from them...where are we going? Where are the days when parents went to retirement leaving you in debt, did not send you to good schools, always nok-Tok on everything you did and above all beat the shit out of you even when you had growing beard...and YOU still respected them and took care of them in buRhaapa.

Is it time for us all to follow the philosophy of Shiv Batalvi

joban rutte jo vi marda
phull bane yaaN tara

heck with buRhaapa..let us enjoy the today. where is my glass of wine...and the belly dancers...aah Moroccan restaurant sounds good.

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